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Affirmation Necklaces

Affirmation Necklaces

Because of the love of God and Jesus Christ dying on the cross, you are affirmed. Necklaces within the Rachel's Worth Affirmation Keepsakes are designed to showcase the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, deliverance, salvation, and the worthiness we have because we are heirs of God.

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Rachel's Worth Perfected by Love Necklace in GoldPerfected by Love Gold Necklace
XIV Nameplate Necklace GoldGold XIV Nameplate Necklace
XIV Nameplate Necklace in Gold Sale price$150.00 USD
Rachel's Worth Demi-Fine Jewelry Silver CrossSilver Cross Necklace Rachel's Worth Jewelry
Cross Necklace in Sterling Silver Sale price$140.00 USD
Perfected by Love Affirmation Necklace in Sterling SilverRachel's Worth Sterling Silver Perfected by Love Necklace
Rachel's Worth Silver Worthy Affirmation NecklaceSilver Worthy Affirmation Necklace
Worthy Gold Affirmation NecklaceGold Worthy Affirmation Necklace
RW XIV Sterling Silver Nameplate NecklaceXIV Sterling Silver Nameplate Necklace RW
Faith Hill Silver XIV Coin Necklace stacked with Silver CrossRW Silver XIV Coin Necklace Jewelry