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About Rachel's Worth

EST. 2017

Rachel's Worth

Rachel's Worth is a Christian lifestyle jewelry and apparel brand founded on the biblical relationship between Jacob and his beloved Rachel. The brand focuses on scriptural stories and principles to create sacred keepsakes that express faith, love, and sacrifice.

Our Mission

Our MISSION is to make an impactful relational connection between humanity and God's perfect LOVE through the sacrifice of HIS Son, Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

To build an expansive community of empowered people who connect with the MISSION and take purposeful action to spread the word of God.

Rachel's Worth

Core Values

The Essence of a Rachel's Worth Woman

The Rachel's Worth Woman can not help but to command attention. This is because she knows who she is in God. With this, she navigates the world with grace, elegance, and divine purpose. This is done all while presenting herself in complete authenticity and boldness. As she journeys through life, regardless of barriers, she makes room for herself by offering her value.